Commonly asked question:

Are the Papers durable and repairable?

Yes, VAHALLAN's Papers are made with high quality components to withstand normal wear and tear. Because of the techniques used during installation, the product is repairable. A repair kit of paper is supplied with each order for the client.

Where are VAHALLAN’s papers manufactured?

We manufacture all of our papers in the United States. All of our papers are hand painted in our studio in Lincoln, Nebraska.

What is the normal turnaround time?

Our normal turnaround time for an order is 15 business days (M-F). We also have a RUSH order available with a 7 business day turnaround. Rush orders have an additional fee.

Can custom colors be ordered?

Custom colors are available. We ask that you either give us a color to modify from the sample book or provide us with a color from a paint deck.

How much paper do I need to order?

There is an 'overage' needed when installing this product. Depending upon your design and installation technique it can vary between 30% and 50%.

How are Vahallan Papers sold?

The papers are sold by the square foot.

Are the papers washable?

Yes. We recommend that you use only water on a soft towel and scrub the area lightly. If the damage is severe, clean the area well and get a piece of paper from the repair kit to fix the area.

Can the papers be used in bathrooms?

Yes. The papers can be used in a bathroom. However, Vahallan recommends that the bathroom have air venting.

Will I need a special installer?

Most designers and design centers have qualified installers to hang Vahallan Papers. No special training is required and installation instructions are available.

Need an Installer? The NGPP offers a national directory of experienced wall paper hangers.   Click here to find one in your area.

The installers listed by the NGPP are independent contractors and are not employed by Vahallan Papers, Inc.

Can I cover over wood paneling or damaged drywall?

You can hang right over the top of wood paneling with our paper. We recommend filling grooves with at least two coats of drywall mud, which will need to be sanded after each application. Once the wall is fairly smooth, prep the walls with pre-wallcovering primer and you are ready to hang. Our papers also work well for disguising walls that may be damaged. It may be necessary to skim coat your damaged walls with a light layer of drywall mud prior to hanging, depending on the level of damage.